Santa Fe Railroad in 1956

This is the Santa Fe Railroad modeled is the transition era with many steam and diesel locomotives on the active roster. It is a double deck, point to point railroad with looped continuous staging at both ends. Kansas City is the eastern end of the railroad and is represented by the eastern (lower deck) staging yard. The upper deck represents points in Colorado to include Golden and the Coors Brewery. Upper staging represents points west on the Santa Fe. Also modeled is an interchange yard with the D&RGW at Golden and the Grinnell Branch of the Rock Island in Kansas which also interchanges with the Santa Fe.

There are 2 large yards on the railroad along with a lot of customers and industries to keep the traffic flowing. At this time, almost all track has been installed and operational and some basic scenery has been applied.

Registered convention attendees can visit this layout on these days and times:

  • Saturday (10/13), 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Sunday (10/14), Noon to 5:00pm