Iowa Central

This HO scale railroad depicts railroading in central Iowa in the mid-to-late 1980s. It is a proto –freelance (Layout Design Element) railroad operating on the former Rock Island tracks after the 1980s shut down. Among the interesting features are the four bridge scenes, three are over creeks. The more enjoyable aspects of model railroading are layout design, laying track and operations for this railroad modeler. The railroad is 12½ x 18½ feet with 100 feet of mainline. Scenery is about 75% complete in basic form with 40% to 50% being fully detailed. The control system is a MRC Prodigy2 DCC system. Future efforts will be devoted to working on the scenery and building structures Access is gained by stairs to the basement. Also, there is a 58-inch duck under.

NOTE: Parking is available on Mill Street but please come around to the side street (Portage) and enter through the gate in the picket fence and come to the back door which will then be a straight shot down to the basement.

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