Your bench work is up, the track is laid, and all your power has decoders and sound. What finishing touches are needed to complete your layout? These Lansing Lashup clinic offerings will help you add those finishing touches to your layout:

• We are very fortunate this year to have two of our regional Master Model Railroaders volunteer to present their version of Modeling with the Masters. Peter Magoun MMR and David Capron MMR will be holding an extended length clinic on Friday evening, giving a hands-on demonstration on constructing a wooden structure kit. Click here for more information.

Greg Rich and Norm Logan will share with you each of their techniques for painting the backdrop that will set off your foreground scenery.

• No foreground scenery? Join John Bussard for his all-day scenery clinic as he takes you from land forms to the first layer of greenery to trees, bushes and all the final touches. Only have time for one clinic? Catch Sam Swanson on scenery, or Dave Wentworth on modeling water.

• Need help and ideas on structures? Dave Capron, MMR will show you how to tackle that craftsman’s kit you paid so much for but are afraid to start. Can’t find a kit that matches that prototype building you need? Let Brook Qualman share her scratch building techniques with you.

• Too many GP7s with the same number? Fritz Milhaupt will guide you through re-decaling your engines so each is a unique unit.

Chris Thompson will present a hands-on clinic on how to weather your equipment to make it look far more like the prototype.

• If you have always been curious about how a prototype interlocking plant works, Alan Bell will be sharing his knowledge on the subject.

Gaylord Gill will share with us how he superimposed a prototype operating scheme on an already existing layout.

John Young will show you how to understand, and ultimately compose a time table. He will also offer a hands-on clinic on working with car cards and waybills.

• If you have an interest in the history of railroads in the Lansing area, plan to take in Mark Cowles’ pictorial of Lansing rail history.

These are just some of the 32 clinics we plan to present Friday afternoon through Sunday morning at the Lansing Lashup 2018 convention!

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