Buffalo Creek & Gauley RR

This new prototype S scale railroad was started in September 2017 by a Master Model Railroader. It is in a 25 x 12 foot fully finished room with 50 feet of mainline plus a logging branch. The trackwork is 60% complete and the scenery is 25% completed. The railroad, set in the mountains of WV in 1963, depicts the 9 mile long BC&G from Dundon to the large sawmill at Swandale. All the structures are prototype-based and have been scratchbuilt. Steam locomotives are detailed to match their prototype. Several diesel bodies have been scratchbuilt as have numerous pieces of rolling stock. The DCC sound equipped locomotives are controlled by NCE wireless throttles. Access is by stairs to the lower level. For additional information on the prototype and the layout, visit www.buffalocreekandgauley.com.